Why NSWA  

The North Sulawesi Watersports Association

Formed in mid 1998, the North Sulawesi Watersports Association (NSWA) has adopted as its primary goal the promotion of North Sulawesi as a world-class marine tourism destination through fostering high standards of service and safety and especially by promoting more environmentally-friendly watersports activities within the Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and all marine areas of the North Sulawesi province. The NSWA strives for environmentally-responsible and socially-acceptable common solutions to problems that affect not only the marine tourism sector, but also those which generally effect the health of North Sulawesi's valuable marine ecosystems and thereby the local communities which also rely upon them for food and employment.

The NSWA is an official forum for marine tourism operators to express their united concerns to government agencies and officials and to conduct large-scale public relations and education campaigns to benefit both marine tourism and the rich and diverse marine ecosystems of North Sulawesi.

Support us and dive with us

Next time you make plans to dive North Sulawesi, please ask if your dive operator is part of the NSWA. Members will display the NSWA logo - a tarsier riding a seahorse.

Every time you dive with a member, a small proportion of your entrance fee gets redirected back to the NSWA. More funds means more conservation and more benefits for the local community. Help us to help them.
Check out the NSWA member-resorts: NSWA DIVE RESORTS.

Donation Information

Persons interested in making financial or equipment donations to either the NSWA scholarship fund or the Bunaken Preservation Fund may contact the NSWA treasurer, Mr. Roel Jong-Dikkers (Email:info@divenorthsulawesi.com, phone: (62) 431-826151, hp: 081-24302974, or arrange a wire transfer directly to the respective accounts:

Scholarship Fund
Bank Danamon, Manado Branch
Jl. Toar 17, Manado, Sulawesi
Account: Juud Dikkers (NSWA Scholarship)
Account #: 164 537 06

Bunaken Preservation Fund
Bank Danamon, Manado Branch
Jl. Toar 17, Manado, Sulawesi
Account: Juud Dikkers (NSWA entrance fee)
Account #: 164 537 14